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Under Texas law, a conviction is not the end. Criminal defendants convicted of a crime have a legal right to appeal their initial conviction to higher courts. This can even be true under circumstances in which the defendant has entered into a plea bargain with prosecutor. Defendants have the right to appeal their cases especially if the original defense attorney did not do a good job in providing the defendant with an exhaustive and vigorous criminal defense, or if the original attorney did not properly advise the defendants of their rights and options.


These incomplete, botched and poor initial criminal defense can have serious consequences if not addresses properly and in a timely fashion as a conviction has already been secured because of them and an individual's basic freedoms for an extended period of time fully depend on it.


Many of these poor initial criminal defense efforts result in and arise from poor examination of and access to all relevant evidence, committing procedural, technical or judgmental omissions or errors, and putting next to no effort in jury selection and pre-trial research. At other times, an appeals may be required despite initial defense attorney's best efforts, usually in cases where the initial attorney lacks relevant experience or the appropriate resources such as knowledgeable expert and forensic witnesses.

If you or a loved one require a criminal appeals attorney in Houston, TX, you must note that time is of the essence and act fast to contact a solid Texas appeals and appellate defense attorney like Alex Houthuijzen. Texas Rule of Appellate Procedure 21 which governs the appeals process indicates that a new trial motion must be filed within 30 days of the original sentencing date, and that the motion must subsequently be presented to the court at a hearing within 10 days of being filed. Alex will be able to assist with appeals cases such as:

  • Parole & probation

  • Sentencing appeals

  • Post conviction writs: Writ of Habeas Corpus & writs of Mandamus

  • Plea bargains and plea agreements

  • Misdemeanor convictions

  • Texas and federal felony convictions

Additionally, if you or an incarcerated loved one are struggling with the penal system and with prisoner rights or issues such as:

  • humane treatment of inmates,

  • conditional, medical, or humanitarian release requests,

  • prisoner visitation rights,

  • bail hearing requests or issues,

  • release on bond requests,

  • or matters such as relief from solitary confinement,


we strongly urge you to contact Alex Houthuijzen today for a free consultation.



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