WE FIGHT HARD FOR YOUR story  and 2nd amendment rights

We know a large number of, if not most, weapons and firearms crimes are unintentional. We know many firearms violations involve a parole or probation violation as well and we can help with all that too. We are here for you.

WE FIGHT HARD FOR YOUR story and 2nd amendment rights

We know a large number of, if not most, weapons and firearms crimes are unintentional. We know many firearms violations involve a parole or probation violation as well and we can help with all that too. We are here for you.



America may be the gun country. We all enjoy 2nd amendment rights, but with some very important limitations and stipulations in most places. Now, Texas is not exactly known for gun control, but this does not mean there are not legal local and federal limits and exceptions imposed on 2nd amendment rights.

Accordingly and to ensure the community at large is not exposed to needless danger and risk, Texas gun laws indicate the following as Texas firearms crimes:

  • A convicted felon being in possession of a firearm

  • Unauthorized trafficking of weapons

  • Unauthorized presence of weapons on persons or luggage in Houston's Bush (IAH) and Hobby airports due to TSA regulations

  • Any persons unlawfully possessing or carrying a firearm

  • Any unlawful discharge of a firearm

It is also true that Texas became an open carry state in 2015, however, this still does not leave out above exceptions and certain situation or location-based exceptions either. You or a loved one may still be charged with what is known as a UCW (Unlawful Carrying Weapons) and if convicted you can still face stiff criminal penalties for them.

What do unauthorized or unlawful use, possession, carrying, and discharge exactly mean?

Well, the law is fairly easy and clear to understand on this topic. In simple terms, if a person uses or has in their possession a weapon (defined as a knife, club, prohibited weapons, or a firearm) during commission of any other crime, that is a firearms crime in and of itself, enhancing other possible charges. The law further clears the topic up by simply stating a person commits a crime when they knowingly, intentionally, OR recklessly carry on or about their person a handgun or knife and are not on one's own property or a property on which one has control. Property can mean physical premises, a motor vehicle, or a watercraft. Furthermore, if certain locations or private businesses prohibit such weapons, a person commits a a crime by violating those requirements. For instance, in Texas you may not for the most part even be armed within 1000 feet of a place of execution or other public premises such as polling stations during elections. More obvious examples are airport cases where a gun is often accidentally or unknowingly left in someone's luggage and a routine business or family trip can turn into a legal nightmare with a weapons charge.

Many weapons charges involving illegal use or discharge of a weapon are considered deadly conduct in Texas. On most criminal court dockets, these charges appear as deadly conduct or deadly conduct discharge firearm.

Because of the many situations and factors that will affect legality or illegality of possession, use, or presence of weapons, a smart and knowledgeable Houston firearms defense attorney like Alex Houthuijzen can help examine and push to establish your version of the story in the court, often dealing with one huge factor under most of criminal law: intent. We offer FREE initial legal consultation to those charged with a firearms crime or violation in Houston, Harris county, Fort Bend County, Sugar Land, and other surrounding areas in Southeast and Central Texas.



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