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Children, students, and teenagers under 18 can all be federally and locally charged with almost any crime and tried as a juvenile, and even in some cases tried as adults if the charges are serious enough and the child is old enough to be charged as an adult.  However, in most situations, typical charges against the child involve local or city ordinance violations or low level crimes and misdemeanors. Juveniles in Texas are typically charged with crimes such as:

  • Possession or delivery of Marijuana and some other narcotic/drugs

  • Alcohol related crimes such as juvenile in possession of alcohol on school premises

  • Petty theft which occur among students, friends or rivals or for purely opportunistic reasons and randomly

  • Juvenile assault charges which often can arise out of any physical altercations or verbal threats of violence, in addition to rising out of affairs related to bullying and cyber bullying when involving online communications

  • Juvenile probation violation, or deferred adjudication violations

  • Traffic rimes such as DWI, reckless driving, hit and run (leaving the scene), driving on a suspended license or without a drivers license

  • Juvenile sex crimes which are often among the most troubling and serious charges teenagers and children can be accused of, typically involved charges and activities such as:

    • Sexual assault

    • Lewd and lascivious conduct

    • Indecent exposure

    • Juvenile rape (often involving alcohols, drugs, or date rape intoxicants

    • Sexting & child pornography charges

It is one of the most difficult affairs a parent can ever deal with when they find out their precious child has been criminally charged as a juvenile. The thoughts of their tarnished chances for their future, employment prospects, and overall how this may impact their lives and the family's and parental reputation in the society, are perhaps some of the worst worries a parent or guardian can deal with.


That is where a compassionate juvenile defense attorney such as Alex Houthuijzen can immediately come of the situation, discuss the available options, and provide guidance on legitimate and affirmative defense strategies to fight off the charges. This will ensure the best efforts are made right away to defend the child's rights and to provide as much peace of mind as possible to guardians, parents, and the child themselves by virtue of explaining the charges, examining the alleged evidence or testimony against the child, and exploring the available paths forward.​​

Additionally, Alex Houthuijzen can help with crimes involving a juvenile as a victim as well. These crimes are often of very serious nature, and can be committed by other juveniles such as teenage parent of toddlers, babysitting teenagers or those with younger siblings, in addition to other juvenile or adult suspects:

  • Child abuse

  • Child endangerment

  • Child neglect

  • Child abandonment

  • Child sexual abuse

  • Harassment or verbal abuse

If the minor your are in charge of, or your child has been arrested and/or accused of a crime, or if they have been victim of a crime, scheme or other nefarious activity by other juveniles or adults that has resulted in any form of injuries or damages including psychological problems, and you feel you need to evaluate your legal options in this regard, it is in your best interest and their best interest to contact a juvenile defense attorney right away as you will have a limited amount of time available to act and protect the child's rights under the law. Juvenile criminal defense lawyer Alex Houthuijzen can help you get started with a FREE initial juvenile criminal legal defense consultation.


We also provide personal injury related legal advice if necessary.



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