Recent media reports clearly show how certain police officers and other law enforcement or judicial officials do not deserve the positions and powers they hold given how they seem to operate and get away with pretty much any wrongdoing with near total impunity. We all have witnessed the on-camera beatings on TV for various local and non-local departments, the unjustified shootings, and killing or wounding of arrested suspects in jail transport and booking procedures. These do not speak for all of the law enforcement community or judicial professions, sure, however, these public records and videos clearly establish that police brutality happens fairly regularly and virtually everywhere, including in Houston and surrounding areas.


Citizens, Texas residents, and victims of police misconduct alike in Houston should note that police brutality or use of excessive force is not a tolerated concept when factually established in an investigation, and it can often result in severe punishments including and up to termination and even criminal prosecution of officers involved.

Houston area constables, sheriff's deputies and police officers do not particularly enjoy a stellar reputation when it comes to the local statistics of police misconduct and brutalityAccordingly, criminal defendants in Houston, TX need to be vigilant about their rights and how they are treated throughout their interaction with officials or officers, or for the duration of their incarceration. Their safety and well being is the responsibility of officials in charge and those officers are also legally prevented from violating detainees or suspects rights at all times. Remember, in many circumstances it is perfectly legal per Texas law to watch or record police activity as long as it is not interfering with, preventing, or disrupting their official duties, or otherwise involving any other illegal activities. Of course some limitations apply which you need to educate yourself about before getting in trouble for. The more you know your rights, the better you can exercise them.

If you believe your or your loved ones have been victimized by Houston area police brutality, corruption, or other official misconduct, it is in your best interest to talk to Alex Houthuijzen at your earliest chance. If your rights have been violated or if facts establish that you were a victim of illegal police or judicial conduct, Alex can pursue and earn justice for you or your loved ones from whatever departments or officials who may have been improperly involved.

harris county constable precinct  4 EVIDENCE DESTRUCTION SCANDAL

We cannot point to any better example than the massive evidence destruction scandal reportedly caused by a single incompetent police officer in Harris County Constables Precinct 4's evidence storage vault.


First it was only 90 cases dismissed, then it was 7700 cases and letters, shortly thereafter it was 10,000 cases, a number that later seems to rise to 20,000 closed or pending cases, and in the end as many as possibly 25,000 cases  may have had their evidence destroyed improperly by Constables Precinct 4 team. This was bad enough that the FBI issued a statement about how they are following these matters and a criminal probe was launched as destroying evidence is a crime itself.


Details are not super clear, but the summarized version of the story states one officer had orders to clean out the evidence room but did not follow procedures correctly and ended up destroyed evidence for years for many active or pending trails. The office of Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg has sent out thousands of notices to defendants and convicted individuals whose cases may have been based off of improperly destroyed evidence. Since then, another 100+ cases have already been dismissed per various news reports. This does not mean every case involved can be dismissed, however, involved defendants should have nothing to fear or lose by requesting a free case review by Alex in this regard who can then advise them on any potential further available options on a case by case basis.

Cases and convictions in question and involved in this scandal are dated as far back as 2007. The DA's office is actively investigating which cases have been affected and all defendants whose criminal convictions were based off of destroyed evidence by Constables Precinct 4 are being contacted via letters known as "Brady Notices": hould contact Alex Houthuijzen for a free consultation to find out if their conviction can be vacated.


And as if this was all not enough scandals surrounding Houston and Harris county criminal justice process and system, hurricane Harvey came through and our local law enforcement's poor planning once more led to a number of pieces of evidence to be damaged or destroyed due to rising flood waters. To be clear, this did not come to them in total surprise. Had they taken a note from NYPD in 2013, who themselves reached out to NOPD for advice as New Orleans had learned this lesson years prior the hard way. they would have been able to better prepare and account for such likely events, after all Houston is in a well known Hurricane zone during the season. Harris county Constable Precinct 4 had to move some 15,000 pieces of evidence due to rising floodwaters and now they state some of that evidence is missing or damaged affecting at least 13 cases.

If you or a loved one has been convicted based on destroyed (nonexistent) evidence,  or if because of these floods or poor work of local law enforcement you have received a Brady Notice, you have every right to take action to appeal such conviction and may even be eligible for some damages if the conviction is vacated and "actual innocence" is established or declared by a judge or a court, depending on the exact time served and other consequences suffered as a result of a botched investigation and subsequent conviction based on no evidence in reality. In fact, wrongful convictions in Texas have resulted in nearly $100 million to be paid out to those wrongfully convicted in the last 25 years-at least 101 individuals who have collectively and wrongfully served over 1,000 years in Texas jails and prisons.



Police brutality is simply a violation of the 4th and 5th amendments and other civil rights of civilians. It is generally defined as when excessive and more than necessar...
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