Attorney Alex Houthuijzen's co-trial of Floribeth Sadoval-Benjume

Gavel next to a scale

Attorney Alexander Houthuijzen joined forces with Civil Attorney Bradford Gilde in the emotional trial of Floribeth Sandoval-Benjume. The case involved the death of an off-duty HCSO Deputy who was riding a motorcycle when a motor-vehicle accident happened in Pearland. Despite being troubled by the guilty verdict, Attorneys Gilde and Houthuijzen were able to secure the minimum sentence for their client, a wife and mother of four.

The case was hotly contested, with over two dozen witnesses called in the guilt phase and 26 witnesses called during the punishment phase. The jury deliberated for two days on guilt and three days on punishment before returning their verdicts. Attorneys Houthuijzen and Gilde praised the hard work and dedication of their colleagues in the criminal justice system, and commended them for their efforts in representing people in civil and criminal cases.

Reflecting on the many long nights and days working on this trial, Attorney Houthuijzen shared, “ I learned that freedom is the only thing we have in this world. Some of us still need to stick up for it; especially when the calling is as true and just as this case was.”

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