I strongly believe in the presumption of innocence and fighting for that right with all I have. When there is a high likelihood of prevailing in a criminal defense trial in Texas criminal courts and against local DAs' claims, I advise clients as such. This is the difference between law office of Alexander J. Houthuijzen and many other local criminal defense lawyers. I work tirelessly and fight intensely for every single client and I personally ensure to be there fighting the fight of justice for my clients in Houston and Harris county criminal courts and across much of the State of Texas.

There are always two sides to each criminal defense trial and story, one that the state of Texas presents, and one that is told by the defendant. I listen to you and your story. I investigate the law and that facts and I will determine if there are any possible mistakes or legal technicalities that matter in your criminal defense. I assure you as my client I will leave no stone unturned in pursuit of your best possible criminal defense.

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  • He went to bat for my son and refused to back down

    I sincerely recommend Alex as a criminal defense attorney. He went to bat for my son and refused to back down. Alex and his team are professional, compassionate, and supportive. They kept us inform...

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    - Larura

    August 23, 2018

  • Great experience with POSITIVE results!

    I was an absolute pleasure having Alex as my counsel. He was overly proactive in providing timely and regular reassurance on the legal process pertaining to my case. In the en..

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    - Tod

    May 5, 2017

  • not money hungry just truly caring people

    If you need a compassionate, caring fight for you attorney Alex and Priscilla are hands down the best. I was in an awful heart wrenching disaster involving my 4 year old Alex and Priscilla showed...

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    - Heather W.

    November 9, 2017

  • Excellent, Professional work

    Alexander was professional, polished, and excellent. He helped me in a time when I truly needed it. I would recommend him to anyone looking for an attorney in the areas he practices.

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    - Anonymous

    December 1, 2016

  • best attorney in Houston

    I will always love Mr. Alexander, he is the best attorney in Houston. He cares about about his clients and will fight for you with his knowledge of LAW and will not go for a loss, dont past him up if you want your freedom and somebody who defends...

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    - Pamela C.

    November 18, 2017

  • Great attorney!

    I was an absolute pleasure having Alex as my counsel. He was overly proactive in providing timely and regular reassurance on the legal process pertaining to my case. In the en...

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    - Anonymous

    November 16, 2016

  • very compassionate and patient

    Alex is hands down the best attorney I could have come across. Not only is he great defending for his client's best interests, he is also very compassionate...

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    - Grace K.

    June 26, 2018

  • Diligent attorney

    Alexander was conscientious and hard-working. He was always ready and willing to answer all of my questions, even on weekends! Thank you so much for all of your work and your help in my matter.

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    - Anonymous

    December 11, 2016

  • Outstanding Advocate

    Mr. Houthuijzen was very professional and thorough in handling my legal matter. 10 out of 10 would hire again.

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    - Anonymous

    January 12, 2017




    Every assault or aggravated assault charge has two sides to the story. Alex can evaluate your case and present your side of the story to the criminal justice system and juries, ensuring the actual truth  and facts prevail in Houston criminal courts.

    The IRS, DAs, US attorneys, and corporations often overreact when pressing and prosecuting white collar or tax evasion charges against persons. Alex helps the little guy play on fair grounds and not be bullied by giant powerful entities

    Sex crimes and specifically sexual assault are very serious crimes, but sometimes they may involve those who are not actually at fault or otherwise involve manipulative accusers. Alex can investigate each such case and present the truth and facts in pursuit of justice.

    Those accused of child abuse in Houston face daunting limits on their family life and future. Alex can help set fact aside from fiction as these cases may involve other adults in what basically can amount to fabrications or overstated behaviors.

    Murder is a capital crime and can result in the capital punishment. Homicide defense requires an attorney who can investigate the case piece by piece and find out the real story.  Alex can help seek justice for those accused of murder in Houston.

    Former President Obama said it best "So many young people end up in our criminal justice system – it’s not normal. What is normal is teenagers doing stupid things, what is normal is young people making mistakes". We could not agree more. 

    Aggravated robbery and theft defense in Texas is a delicate balancing art. Alex can  investigate all circumstances, backgrounds and evidence to formulate the best possible defense options under the law.

    Crimes involving firearms and weapons are often treated as aggravated charges. But not all such charges can stick as brought upon proper investigation of each case as in many occasions the law enforcement may overreact to presence of firearms without 

    DUI or DWI criminal defense is critical for those charged under Texas law as these crimes can severely affect quality and prospects of life and employment upon conviction. A Houston criminal defense attorney like Alex Houthuijzen can review the case details and offer the best possible criminal defense options to defendants charged with DUI / DWI in Harris county.

    Internet and computer crimes are treated harshly by both federal and Texas laws. Furthermore, they can often involve other charges like solicitation of a minor or even white collar crime laws such as internet fraud or money laundering charges. A criminal defense attorney like Alexander J. Houthuijzen can properly investigate such cases to map out the most effective defense options in the criminal justice system.

    Domestic violence is a word thrown around a whole lot by the media. It just so happens that many begrudging ex-loved ones also like this word a lot as it can bring a lifetime of nasty trouble for those convicted of it. Which is exactly why those accused of domestic violence in "family values" state of Texas need the help of a diligent defense attorney like Alex to ensure justice is not misused and abused.

    An initial conviction on a charge is not necessarily the end of story in Texas criminal justice system. For a number of reasons that may happen and there may be no preventing it. However, that is precisely why there is a criminal appeals process and appellate courts in the justice system too. Alex can talk to you about your criminal appeals needs in Houston, Harris county or Texas court system.


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